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Contact information

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We undertake general excavations at any depth and space, thanks to the modern equipment we are equipped with.

We have a variety of small machines for special excavations in small spaces.

We perform all kinds of rock removals, as we are equipped with hydraulic hammers with weight from 500kg to 6000kg.

We undertake all kinds of demolitions with jackhammers, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic shears of different tones.

We undertake all kinds of embankments with products from excavations, but also with the use of quarry aggregates.

We perform road construction projects and asphalt paving of all types in various areas such as roads, stadiums, parking lots, etc.

Who we are

In our company we constantly invest in the acquisition of new machines, but also in the training of our personnel, so that we fully and safely meet your needs.
We use modern technology, while complying with existing legislation, as well as procedures aimed at respecting the environment and society.
For more than 70 years we remain committed to supporting your every next step!
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Our fleet

For 70 years, the vision of our company is the continuous development to become pioneers in our industry. Recognizing the ever-increasing needs and requirements in demolition and excavation, we aim at acquiring new equipment and a modern corporate fleet that is constantly renewed, in order to harmonize with the needs of the market. Nowadays, our corporate fleet consists of over 45 privately owned machines that cover all the needs of the market.