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Our company has roots going back to the 1950s when, with the reconstruction of the capital, Vassilios Vroutsis, recognizing the growing needs for demolition and excavations in the center of Athens, started his own business. Almost a decade later, the company was further developed with the entry of Dimitrios Vroutsis (son of the founder), who began to develop the sole proprietorship together with his two younger brothers Elias and Michalis. During a period of 30 years, our business has been constantly growing and it has acquired privately owned facilities, new equipment and a modern corporate fleet that is constantly renewed, in order to harmonize with the needs of the market.
In 1997, the sole proprietorship was completely reconstructed and transformed into a Société Anonyme under the name VROUTSIS BROS SA, realizing the vision of its founder who passed away during that time.
The company's headquarters were then in the center of Athens (near Koumoundourou Square), at 60, Agisilaou Street, and at the same time a branch was opening in the area of Anthousa (38A, Mytilinis Street), where our corporate fleet is housed and maintained and where our equipment is stored in a suitably designed space. This place today is the headquarters of the company. Our vision is to continue to constantly evolve and become pioneers in our industry.
Our success is based exclusively on the experience and specialization we draw from the triptych Human-Technology-Processes. Our experienced staff members are the most important asset that the company has and they are constantly training, so that they can fully meet your needs and return home safely.
At the same time, we are proud to make good use of modern technology and renew our equipment and corporate fleet, while complying with existing legislation and implementing procedures aimed at respecting the environment and society.
For more than 70 years, we are committed to supporting your every next step!
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We specialize in all kinds of excavations in any natural or artificial soil and at any depth, thanks to the experienced staff, the modern equipment and the variety of special machines that we have. Our corporate fleet consists of modern machines for all types of earthworks.

Our corporate fleet includes, among other things, a wide range of machines for special excavations in small or restricted access areas, so that we can adapt to your special needs.

We carry out all kinds of rock removals, being equipped with specialized machines such as hydraulic hammers up to 6000kg. We undertake the complete rock removal of plots and areas in cases where the rocks impede the realization or development of various other projects, always respecting the environmental conditions and the neighboring local communities.

We carry out all kinds of demolition works (dismantling and relocation of facilities, renovations and demolition of indoor and outdoor areas, demolition of high risk buildings, undisturbed cutting of concrete, etc.) with jackhammers, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic scissors of various tones, while applying the required safety measures.

We carry out all kinds of embankments with excavation products and quarry aggregates. We design your space immediately, in order to achieve the best and safest result, according to your needs, while respecting the morphology of the soil and the natural environment.

We carry out road construction projects and asphalt paving of all types in various areas such as roads, squares, sports facilities (stadiums), parking lots, etc. regardless of the soil’s morphology.